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Thursday, January 31, 2008

1000 rounds of 45ACP- 10 minutes, 45 seconds!

If you want to see some video of a bit of a gun test, check out this link from Down Range Television. Todd Jarrett, champion handgun shooter with more trophys in his cabinet than I have guns in my locker, takes a box stock Para Ordnance, single stack 1911 pistol and runs 1000 rounds of ammo through the barrel in less than 11 minutes.

Its pretty amazing to watch and very clear that he could have been done faster if his 3 magazine loaders could have stuffed ammo faster than they did.

I wish my Para Ordnance Warthog was as reliable... I need to get that beast to the range again and decide if it works or if it doesn't. The last time I tried to use it I was extremely disappointed in its reliability. In a word, it wasn't! So I need to shoot it again and if neccesary, send it back to Para for a tune up.

But watch the videos! Pretty amazing stuff.

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